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We recently held the first seminar in our new learning series, CORE•22. CORE stands for “Connect, Organize, Retrain & Embrace,” and the program provides a chance to connect with our realtor clients, meet new people in our industry and offer continuing education credits.

Our first CORE•22 topic was “Elder Financial Abuse & Probate.” Did you know that 1 in 10 adults aged 60 and older have experienced elder abuse in some form? AppleTower welcomed experienced panelists who spoke in-depth about the many financial issues faced by Florida seniors.

Click the link below to download the full presentation and keep an eye out for upcoming CORE•22 events!


Perla Calas, Esq.

Partner of Corvo & Calas, PA

Karen Michaels

Fidelity National Financial
Education & Development

Lourdes Corvo., Esq.

Partner of Corvo & Calas, PA

Danny Manzano

AppleTower Title & Escrow, PartnerHost CORE•22


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