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Get to Know Us

Our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of AppleTower. Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the wherewithal to get every job done right.

How we got here

What does AppleTower mean? That is probably one of the most repeated questions that our staff receives which has a story that we love to repeat!

The AppleTower brand was born as an exclusive honor to our heritage: Our Families. We strongly believe that we universally receive our values directly from our families. Our Leaders decided to show their respect and honor to their families by creating the brand right from their last names.


The founder and current Managing Partner’s last name is Manzano which stands for “Appletree” in Spanish, while his wife’s, Olga, is Latorre which stands for “The Tower” in Spanish, too. He decided to compound both of his family names and create a new and innovative concept which he called “AppleTower”. A company that will last for generations to come under the leadership of their siblings and future businessmen and women: the AppleTower’s.

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