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5 Steps your Buyers CANNOT Skip

Florida is one of the hottest housing markets in the US, making home buying very challenging. Here are 5 important steps your buyers CANNOT afford to skip–even now, in Florida’s red-hot housing market.

1. View properties in person

to make sure they see everything–not just what’s online.

Let them know that touring listings with an experienced real estate agent, who can spot potential concerns is always wise.

2. Be Cautious

when selling a home remotely, to avoid any scams such as fake listings or properties that are overpriced.

3. Only make payments through

trusted financial institutions such as a good-faith deposit to a brokerage with a purchase offer. Online payment apps don’t offer the same protections.

4. Get their finances in order

before searching for homes or making any offers. Getting your buyer a mortgage pre-approval is best so you know how much they can borrow and at what terms.

5. Only work with experienced

mortgage brokers, lenders & title agencies. They can help navigate the potentially complex process of negotiating terms, completing contingencies and getting to the closing table.

Reprinted with permission ©Florida Realtors®. All rights reserved.


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